Seller’s Guide

At Domain Holdings we operate around the principle of providing a “World Class Service Experience” so owners can enjoy a smooth and profitable sale process. Why should representation of your domains be any different than real estate, an art collection or other tangible asset of value?

  • How much is your domain worth?
  • Who will buy your domain?
  • How do you find end-users?
  • How much does it cost?

These are just 4 of the most common questions asked by domain owners and we take these questions very serious. Our team of professionals can help value your name and find end users worldwide. Learn about our commitment to World Class Customer Service below.

What Do We Offer

We have a big commitment to our employees, our shareholders and our investors to continually grow as a company and we know that our customers (YOU) are key to our future success. We may be in the broker business but we are also in the relationship business and our clients deserve our best work each and every day. As a Domain Holdings client you can receive world class customer service including many personalized features no other company can provide including:

  • Weekly Updates
  • End User Contact Reports (Yes, we tell you who we contacted) **
  • Collective Knowledge Valuation
  • Free Escrow Service
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • and Much More

Weekly Updates

Our team of brokers works hard to find buyers for your domains and we don’t expect you to just sit around and wait to hear from us. Once a week (or more) we will communicate directly with you about the status of our outreach, provide feedback on the response received and strategy plan together to help find the best buyer for your domain.

End User Contact Reports

Have you ever dreamed of what company should own your name? For domains secured under our exclusive brokerage agreement we provide a detailed report listing all the companies we have spoke to regarding your asset so you can see in black and white the responses. What better way to measure our performance than to show you how much work we have done.

Collective Knowledge Valuation

We know your grandmother used to say “2 minds are better than one” but what about 12?

At Domain Holdings we have invested thousands of dollars into combining an algorithmic domain evaluation tool with the collective wisdom of 12 (ever expanding) industry professionals. This alone provides significant value when a buyer or seller is wondering about the market value of a name.

Any asset we consider to represent is first entered into our propriety collective knowledge tool which applies the combination of a custom algorithm using over 100 different variables and manual estimated values from industry professionals to determine a fair market valuation. This is one of those benefits no other company has and can become invaluable when trying to price domains at fair market prices.

While it’s true a domain is only worth as much as someone will pay there are only rare documented cases of people truly over paying for domains. What this means is if you like to dream then by all means hold out for your dream buyer, but if you want to sell a domain then it’s a good decision to ask us about our collective wisdom valuation of your domains. It’s FREE and no one else offers the professional opinion we can provide from people with such industry experience.

Dedicated Account Manager

Every asset has a dedicated sales professional assigned to it. However, this doesn’t mean only one person will try to sell your name. We work as a family with everybody helping each other to try and sell great inventory. The benefit of having a dedicated account manager is to help you have a single point of contact.