Domain Holdings Q4 Report 2015

Total Sales for 2015 Domain Holdings had a strong Q4 2015. The results of our continuing efforts to develop a strong foundation for the Domain Holdings and Flippa families in Q3 have continued to gain momentum into Q4, resulting in higher sales and more robust numbers than Q3 and Q2. As always, we will continue to develop ourselves internally to ensure continued growth and client satisfaction.

Q4 Highlights and Sales Summary Include:

  • Total Sales: $6,358,902
  • Average Weekly Sales: $489,146
  • Average Sales Price (ASP): $105,982

Sales Summary Q3 vs Q4:

Domain Holdings experienced growth across the board for Q4 2015. Our experienced brokerage team generated $1.82M more (40% increase) in sales in Q4 than in Q3. Our overall average sales price is up from $57,424 to $105,982, and our average sales per week increased by 40% from Q3 to Q4, surpassing $485,000.

ASP for Q4 2015 The overall average sales price (ASP) for domains in Q4 was $105,982, an increase of 84% from Q3. Although ASP fluctuates from quarter to quarter, Domain Holdings has seen continued growth in the overall ASP throughout the fiscal year, making Q4 among our highest numbers in the last eight quarters.

In Q4, The United States and China continue to be the two largest markets for Domain Holdings, accounting for 86% of total sales. Sales to the Chinese market increased from Q3, due their interest in domain names of up to 4L or 3N.

Buyers by Extension

Buyer Extension in Q4 2015The .com domain continues to remain the market leader, accounting for 86% of our sales in Q4. However, interest in gTLDs continue to grow and constitute a larger part of our business. Certain gTLDs, such as .io are especially in demand, as they are very popular in the tech and startup sectors.

Looking ahead…

Overall, Q4 was a success and an amazing end to a big year. Flippa’s acquisition of Domain Holdings has allowed us to build a solid foundation for future growth. We have increased our sales through our continued dedication to our existing clients (buy requests), secured more inventory, generated new relationships, matured pipelines, and launching new outbound marketing campaigns.  In addition, Domain Holdings has expanded our team in size, function and experience in 2015. Our increased head count has allowed us to expand our service offerings, helping us to fulfill the needs of our existing clients, as well as the demands of a constantly growing client base.

Please check out an article written by Michelle Miller who sat down with Mark Daniel, our Senior Domain Broker, as we gain insight into the journey which led him to where he is today as one of the top brokers in the industry. In this article, Mark brings us into his domain – life before Domain Holdings, his approach, and his keys to success.

We are excited for what 2016 has in store! Thank you for reading!


The Domain Holdings Team

Meet Mark Daniel

When I asked Mark if I could write a feature story on him, my first question was, “How long have you been with Domain Holdings?” His reply: “Since before the beginning!” Having been around the domain industry since 2000, I wasn’t sure what exactly that meant. As I learned about the history of Domain Holdings, I quickly realized that Mark has been with Domain Holdings longer than … well, anyone else!

Having worked with Mark for the last 8 months, I can attest that one of his best attributes is a tireless and selfless focus on his clients. He is always ensuring that the sellers and buyers he works with are happy, getting a fair deal and that the transaction and domain always remains the hero. It’s this approach that has made him one of the most successful and respected brokers in the space. It’s also what has kept his success so low profile. I was instantly impressed with his unique approach and attitude. This is why I thought we’d turn the table for a moment and shine the spotlight on Mark.

The Evolution of Domain Holdings

Mark DanielBack in 2007, Mark’s longtime childhood friend from Maryland, John Ferber, convinced him to trade in the four seasons and his suit for eternal summertime and sandals to help launch a new company. Mark, a former shopping center leasing agent, didn’t hesitate at the opportunity to relocate to Delray Beach, Florida. It was there that he learned about digital advertising for a service technology company called USO Networks, spearheaded by Ferber, along with Jason Boshoff and Erik Simons. After a short and successful time in the space, they realized their clients had multiple needs including domain asset divestments and acquisitions.

The technology used to power USO Networks would also prove valuable in the programmatic buying and selling of unique digital ad units available in the domain space. Ferber partnered with Chad Folkening in 2010 to expand the scope of the technology, resulting in the emergence of a new company: Domain Holdings Group. DHG was rapidly recognized as a leader in domain monetization in the U.S. and abroad. The next natural addition to the company’s product roster was providing brokerage services to domain name owners. With Chad’s mentorship, Mark and the other team members were able to understand the world of premium domains. As the company took off, the brokerage division quickly established its own unique presence. Mark recalls as “the” domain that was the catalyst into launching DHG into a new premium position.

Mark recalls “I was fascinated by the domain world. Just to think of the countless inventory of domains that existed and the opportunity to broker and help sell all these digital assets was so exciting for me.”

Honing His Approach

“When dealing with a virtual asset that arguably has unlimited potential, both parties have to find a common ground,” Mark explained. “It takes time to ensure that both the buyer and seller are speaking the same language. They both should always feel like it’s a fair deal and the transaction is safe and secure. I always say: no matter what the sales price is, if the buyer and seller are happy with the deal, then I did my job.”

Mark Daniel

Cardboard Cutout Mark vs. Real Life Mark

Back in 2014, Mark recalls a large seven-figure deal that took an entire year to close from start to finish. While the offers started in the low six-figures, the owner insisted, “It’s not for sale!” Talk about being at opposite ends of the spectrum. Mark continued to stay in touch, managing the prospective buyer’s expectations and offers, while educating the domain owner about how unique this opportunity really was and finding a price point that made sense from their perspective.

After a lot of patience and persistence, Mark tracked down the cell phone number of the CEO of the company associated with the domain. It was that moment, 11 months later, where the connection was made. Mark was able to get the CEO to reconsider (for an even higher amount). The deal closed a month later. “Persistence,” Mark stated matter-of-factly. It’s a fine line and almost an art to balance persistence while not being annoying or pushy. It takes a special skill to be able to understand both the buyer and seller perspective and to have the patience to really understand and work through both sides.

The Matchmaker

When chatting about these deals, I loved how he described himself as more of a “matchmaker.” It’s all about finding the right buyer and seller, helping them to connect, helping them understand each other, to speak the same “domain language” and then it’s really the culmination of it all – a lot of hard work, persistence, patience, education and only then is a deal harvested.

Mark’s passion for domains is so apparent in every word he speaks. His grin while chatting about his “job” is infectious. When I asked what else he loved about this industry, he said, “Really, it’s just fun. I feel like I learn something new every day. Domains are everywhere. While reading magazines, watching TV, at concerts, on billboards, street signs—you name it. I’m constantly connected—in a good way!” He added, “It is very rewarding when you see a domain being used on a Billboard or on TV when you were involved in the sale.”

Keys to Success

I asked Mark some advice for new brokers in the space. He had plenty of wisdom to share:

  • Focus on domains that you believe in and have an understanding of and/or personal interest.
  • Make sure you believe that the seller’s asking price is attainable.
  • Be patient and prepared to educate both buyers and sellers about everything and anything related to domain names.
  • Be persistent and professional.
  • Work hard and work smart. Work. Work. Did I mention, work?!?

As someone who’s worked with numerous brokers and marketplaces over the last 16 years, Mark’s consistent work ethic, passion for domains, and proven approach is among the best.

Thanks Mark, for continuing to always do the right thing. We’re proud to have you on our team! Happy match-making!

If you want to speak with Mark about helping acquire or divest premium domains, he can be reached at [email protected] or 410-336-7254.

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Slamming From Half-Court

As we cross the halfway point of Q4, we have some exciting announcements to share! The first announcement is regarding This domain name, assisted by one of our premium domain brokers, Hobi Michalec, was sold in the beginning of November. This particular sale is one of the most notable sales to date in Q4, as we were able to find the right buyer by leveraging and collaborating with our Flippa platform. was secured under our exclusivity agreement at the end of August. Hobi and our marketing team worked tirelessly in finding both the right offer and buyer for this particular asset. After 2 months of marketing, Hobi and the seller discussed other strategies for increasing exposure. Hobi recommended that the seller consider listing the asset on our Flippa platform. Listing on the platform allowed Hobi to continue his outbound marketing efforts while giving the domain name greater exposure through the Flippa marketplace. was listed in a no-reserve auction for 14 days, and after receiving 89 bids, the asset was successfully sold. The end result was a digital asset given significant exposure through broker and marketplace efforts, satisfying seller and buyer with a perfect sale.

Domain Holdings Web Summit 2015 With our ongoing commitment to being the entrepreneur’s marketplace, our team traveled in the first week of November to participate in the Web Summit in Dublin. At the conference, which boasted over 42,000 attendees from more than 134 countries, our team was able to meet and interact with venture capitalists, founders of startup companies, executives from Fortune 500 companies, and journalists from all over the world. Here are some of the highlights:

  • A flock of sheep were color coordinated with the Web Summit’s theme colors
  • An ocean of startup, alpha, and beta exhibition booths
  • Numerous speakers at the various summits that inspired and motivated us
  • #NightSummit Pub Crawls where we mingled with other attendees in a more relaxed environment

Lastly, the motto each of us should live by is: WORK HARD PLAY HARD. Domain Holdings and Flippa USA will be traveling together in a few weeks to celebrate both the holidays and our accomplishments and successes in Tulum, Mexico. Our team is looking forward spending quality time with each other under the sun, with a glass of margarita in hand.

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for future announcements…


The Domain Holdings Team

Domain Holdings Q3 Report 2015

Q3-2015 Total Sales

2015 continues to be a strong year for Domain Holdings, though the numbers might not reflect that strength. Heading into Q4, our momentum and sales are stronger than ever. Accompanying our merge with Flippa, we have made several sizable changes in Q3. Our focus is on ensuring that we have a rock solid foundation to promote increased growth, stability, and client services.

Our team is the base of this foundation, and the addition of domain industry veterans to the Domain Holdings and Flippa family has been a big first step. Our collective team has more than a century of domain experience with more than $250 Million closed in domain sales. Though that historical performance and experience is impressive, the most important attribute is that our experienced, dedicated team will always do the right thing, loves the domain industry, and is absolutely committed to the growth and solidity of Domain Holdings and Flippa.

Q3 Highlights and Sales Summary Include:

  • Total Sales: $4,536,483
  • Average Weekly Sales: $348,960
  • Average Sales Price (ASP): $57,424

Q3-2015 Domain ASP

The overall average sales price remained relatively consistent from Q2 to Q3, coming in at $57,500. Based on the predicted Q4 pipeline, expectations are that the overall ASP will continue to climb.

Buyers By Country

Q3-2015 Countries

Looking back to Q2, Europe only accounted for less than 1% of sales. During Q3 however, the European market skyrocketed, accounting for 17.7% of all sales, rising to match the growing Chinese market.

In Q4 we will continue to see strong demand for numeric and acronym domains from the Chinese investors. We are expecting to see the percentage to increase due to the recent interest for domains.

Buyers By Extension

Q3-2015 Extension Breakdown

As expected, .com’s are still dominating the market, but we have notice a growing trend with gTLD’s such as .io constituting a larger share of our business. In a one certain case, we sold a notable 1-word .io domain name in the high five-figure range to an end user. The .io extension in particular seems to be gaining more momentum.

As gTLD market continues to grow, it has peaked many people’s interest in buying different gTLDs for brand protection or marketing campaign. Domain Holdings would like to share an in depth Search Engine Marketing report on .Com vs. New GTLD, conducted by Bill Hartzer from earlier this year. The study demonstrated whether or not the new gTLDs would be performing better, worse, or same as .com domains. Bill’s test result may be helpful to you in deciding if investing in gTLDS should be a part of your company’s brand protection and marketing campaign.

Looking Ahead . . .

We at Domain Holdings are excited about what’s ahead in Q4 and beyond. Here are few notable new features and services:

  • A complete solution for all types of domains. The Domain Holding brokers can launch and represent private auctions via the Flippa platform (upon request), boosting awareness and driving more offers to the table.
  • Custom research and highly targeted business intelligence reports. Our domain analysts research all potential end users and prospective buyers, providing a comprehensive analysis prior to broker outreach.
  • Leveraging and collaborating with the Flippa digital asset brokerage team. Flippa is #1 in the world at selling websites, recently expanding into the mobile apps space, and boasting a robust team of website and mobile app brokers. This far reaching broker network gives us access to an even greater amount of buyers and end-users across the all-inclusive digital asset landscape.

With our increased focus on backend new technology and a stronger operational foundation, the future for Domain Holdings is bright. We look forward to sharing more updates in the coming months. Be sure to talk to our brokerage team to learn more about the new features noted above. We also would love to hear your feedback as we continue to focus on offering the most comprehensive services in the industry.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you at NamesCon in January.


The Domain Holdings Team

Premium Domains and Are Now Available for Sale Exclusively by Domain Holdings

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Aug. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Domain Holdings Group, Inc., an industry-leading brokerage firm specializing in the representation and acquisition of premium domain names, today announced and along with several additional premium domain names are now available for sale.

Two character numeric and 2-character letter domains such as,,, and are among those that are exclusively represented by Domain Holdings. “Two character letter and number domains are extremely special assets,” stated veteran broker and Director Business Development, Mark Daniel. “Because there are only 100 and 676 possible variations respectively, buyers often secure them for well into the 6- and 7-figures.”

Also noted by Daniel, buyers for these and similar domains can range quite a bit. While Domain Holdings always focuses on connecting the most ideal buyer and seller, prospective buyers can range from fortune 5000 companies to international investors who are simply looking to hold the asset for a long term return. According to, there are numerous well-known brands that have secured similar 2-character domains. Some examples include: American Airlines ( Hewlett Packard (, General Electric (, H&M (, Burger King (, Under Armour (, Word Press (, and Facebook (

Similar in valuation to the short 2-character domains, one-word domains such as,,,, and are also available for purchase.

If you are interested in acquiring, or any premium domain available at Domain Holdings, please contact us: 561-303-2925.

About Domain Holdings

Based in Delray Beach, Florida, Domain Holdings Group, Inc. (DH) is the leading premium domain brokerage firm. DH was founded in 2010 by a group of innovative internet marketing experts whose domain industry experience dates back to 1996. The company’s award-winning, distinguished team yields more 75 years of experience and has assisted with more than $200 million domain related transactions. The DH team has worked closely with many well-known brands such as Wikr, Mark Cuban Companies, Envivo Pharmaceuticals, and, helping secure premium domains and other digital intellectual property.

Read the latest Domain Holdings Quarterly Report.

Domain Holdings Q2 Report 2015

Total Sales Q2-20152015 continues to be a strong year for Domain Holdings, as we report our Q2 results.  In addition to our sales success in Q2, Domain Holdings was acquired by Flippa, the #1 marketplace for buying and selling websites. Flippa, founded in 2009, has a robust technology driven team and marketplace platform that attracts numerous bids every minute of the day! Domain Holdings has one of the most respected and experienced brokerage teams in the domain industry, representing both large and small businesses secure their online brands. Combined, Flippa and Domain Holdings are expected to generated $70 million in sales over the next 12 months. Read more about the recent acquisition at DNJournal –

Although we cannot disclose the details of most of our sales due to non-disclosure agreements, we’ve provided some averages and other sales data that may be helpful for domain investors, buyers, and sellers who are eager to learn more about the domain industry.

Q2 Highlights Include:

  • 29% Increase in Sales from Q1 to Q2 2015
  • $59,079 Overall Average Sales Price
  • $472,636 Average Weekly Sales

Sales Summary:  Q1 vs. Q2 2015

In Q2 2015, we realized growth across the board. Our stellar brokerage team generated $1.39M more (29% increase) as compared to Q1. Our overall average sales price was up from $49,522 to $59,079 and our weekly sales average jumped by 29% exceeding $472,000 per week.

As the overall average sales price (ASP) for domains can fluctuate from quarter to quarter, we have had two strong quarters of exceptionally high ASPs. Q2 was among our highest in the last 6 quarters.

Overall Q1 vs Q2 2015 Comparison

Buyers By Country

Q1-2015 Buyers by CountryUSA and China remain the largest two markets for Domain Holdings, accounting for 90% of all sales.

In Q2 we continued to see a strong demand for number and acronym domains from the Chinese buyers. Short brandable domains also continue to be on the rise for the Chinese buyers.

In this quarter, we are expecting the Chinese investor market will continue to increase despite the China staking a recent hit.

 Buyers By Extension

Q2 2015 Extensions

While .com domains continue to remain the strongest segment of the marketplace, we have been receiving a lot more interest for gTLDs domains as we see more new extensions coming out for each quarter. We are happy to announce that we sold a 1-word .io domain for 6 figures to an end user in Q2 as we continue to work with different end users who are interested in investing in premium .io domain names, as well as other gTLD assets.

Sold Domains By Class

ASP by Class Q2-2015It’s no surprise that 1-word domains are at the top of the leaderboard, with an overall average sales price of $63,500. Acronyms were a close second, selling for just $500 less, followed by 2-word domains.

Looking Ahead . . .

Domain Holdings is especially excited about Q3, as they have recently secured exclusive representation for several 2-character and one-word domains, including, and We are expecting to see the market continue to grow including:

  • Increase value trend for brandables and great 2-word .com domain assets
  • Greater demand and higher reported aftermarket sales for the new gTLD’s
  • Steady increased investment from overseas market especially China

Hope you enjoy the data we just share. We are excited and proud of our accomplishments in Q2 and to be a part of the Flippa team. We are looking forward to sharing even more data in Q3.


The Domain Holdings Team

Exciting News: Flippa Acquires Domain Holdings Group

Flippa LogoToday we’re excited to announce Flippa, a #1 marketplace in the world for buying and selling websites, domains, and apps, has acquired Domain Holdings Group.

Flippa founded in June 2009 when website listings were spun out of the Sitepoint marketplace. And Flippa Domains officially emerged onto the domain aftermarket scene early last year with fewer than 3,000 live domain auctions. Due to an improved platform, user experience and growing popularity, the Flippa Domains Marketplace is now home to over 800,000 domain listings, quickly becoming a preferred space for selling and buying domains.

Both entities will continue business as usual, but the coming weeks will bring integration between the two platforms that will aim to provide the #1 experience globally for selling & buying domain names, web businesses and mobile apps. This means more opportunities to expand our buyers’ channel globally for our new and existing clients.

Flippa and Domain Holdings combined are projected to hit $70m in sales over the next 12 months.

To find out more about the acquisition or to speak to our domain brokers about your premium domains, please call this US number (561) 303.2925.


Q1-2015 Report

Domain Holdings Q1 Report 2015

DH Q1-2015 Report

Domain Holdings is extremely proud to report our Q1 results showing $4.75MM in total domain name sales. We are off to a great start for 2015 and while most transactions are protected under confidentiality agreements, we can share the collective data to help investors understand trends, highlight interesting data points, and provide further insights into the domain industry.

Some of the Main Highlights of Q1 Include:

  • $365,701 Average Weekly Sales
  • $49,522 Average Domain Sale Unit Price
  • 64.58% of ALL Sales End Users

Overall Sales Performance: Q1-2014 vs. Q1-2015

Overall DH Sales Performance 2014 vs. 2015
In Q1-2015, Domain Holdings managed to increase total sales, average weekly sales and average domain sales price per unit for the same period year over year. Our total sales and average weekly sales both realized a growth rate of 40%, while our average domain sale price per unit grew 35% from $36,757 to $49,522. This average unit price represents the largest in company’s history.

Average Unit Sales Price

The below chart illustrates the stark increase in average unit sales price for the period of Q1-2015.

Avg Domain Sales Q1-15

Buyers by Country

Buyers by Country Q1-2015USA and China remain the largest two markets for Domain Holdings. In Q1, we saw a strong demand in numeric and letter domains from the Chinese market, particularly in the,, and categories. Domain Holdings has also witnessed an increase in interest for .com brandable assets out of the Chinese investor markets.

In Q2, we are expecting to see an increase percentage and sales for China due to the recent increase demand for assets.

Buyers by Extension

Sales by Extension Q1-2015

Since .com domains remain the strongest segment of the marketplace, we do not expect to see a decline in sales any time soon. Activity within the ccTLD and gTLD domains has reached new highs, most likely as a result of all the marketing efforts around the publicity of the new gTLD launches.  Demand for .net & .org assets continues at a steady pace.

Buyers by Extension

Sales by Category Q1-2015

In similar fashion to our Q2-2014 report, brandable and 1 word .com domains continue to dominate our unit sales. In Q1-2015 we realized a 10% increase in brandable .com domain sales and a 5% increase in two word .com domain sales. One word .com domain transactions remain relatively stable. 75% of our brandable and one word generic .com buyers are end users, who may be more inclined to invest in their domain name and boost their brand equity.

End User Sales

New vs. Existing Relationship Q1-2015

As Domain Holdings continues to expand our breadth and depth in the domain aftermarket, we use metrics such as relationship type to quantify our success. Strong sales with existing relationships indicates we are servicing our clients at a high level, new relationships means we are securing new sellers and buyers and prospecting well. For Q1-2015, there is a healthy ratio between new vs. existing relationships. Another metric we are proud of is our ability to consistently building our relationships through inbound leads and referrals.

Looking Ahead . . .

We expect to see some of the following predictions materialize through the remainder of 2015 and beyond:

  • Domains in the LN and NL verticals will see a steady increase in value.
  • Market for gTLD will grow and sales for aftermarket premium gTLDs will increase.
  • New StartUp organizations, at Angel investment or Crowd-Funded level, will continue to gravitate to non-dot com extensions or a brandable company name for more favorable initial URL acquisition costs. Popular StartUp non-dot com extensions will continue to be .io, .co and .me.
  • Revenue positive StartUps in later round funding will continue to upgrade their domains to the preferred .com extension and unify their digital brands.

Overall, Q1 was a great success and had an amazing start. We are expecting to have another solid quarter by increasing our sales through continued dedication to our existing clients (buy requests), secure more inventory, new relationship generation, maturing pipelines and new marketing campaigns. Domain holdings has expanded our team in size, function and experience in 2015 and looks to increase the head count and service offerings to help support the increased demands of our existing clients and new demands required by a client base that is growing weekly.

Hope you enjoy the data we just share. We are extremely proud of our accomplishments in Q1 and look forward to sharing even more data next quarter. Stay tuned.


The Domain Holdings Team