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Domain Holdings is a premium brand in the domain name industry. Over the last 3 years we have spent millions of dollars (literally) hiring many of the most talented educated, experienced and respected people in the domain name industry. This collective wisdom translates to nothing short of a world class service experience to buyers all around the world.

Finding your perfect domain name is not as easy as it sounds. The days of simply hand-registering your dream domain are long gone as domain names have increasingly become a worthy investment class asset for people and companies all over the world.

At Domain Holdings we pride ourselves on being able to provide key services to help you find (and acquire a domain) no other company can match. Just a few of these services (outside of our obviously charming and winning personalities) include:

Keyword and Brand Ideas

Did you know that many buyers only have a few domains in mind when they call? Why limit yourself to only one or two ideas?

Our group of experienced professionals are trained to help you understand the domain industry and provide valuable insight into names you may never think of.  In fact, two of our most commonly asked buyer requests is to help brand new companies and assist in finding domains across a specific vertical.

Identity Protection

Do you know many sellers will automatically Google your name once they receive an inquiry on a domain? This can have many disadvantages when you are trying to acquire a domain at a fair price. We remove this obstacle by engaging direct with the seller using a diplomatic, laser vision approach to pricing. We do our best to remove all emotion from a sale and work hard to acquire assets at fair prices.

Collective Wisdom

Domain name values can seem arbitrary at times but there is a foundation of industry data used by many sellers when determining a price. Understanding this data and being able to extrapolate to a fair market value is something that only industry experience can provide. We have a team of people who have seen hundreds of millions of dollars over the years in sales and can provide valuable insight to help set expectations and provide guidance.

Intimate Knowledge

Who owns your dream domain? That person may be impossible to find but when you have our industry experience it’s very possible he/she is just a phone call or Skype message away. We like to call it our Black Book but really, it’s just our way of trying to sound cooler than we are. Geeks can dream.

Exclusive Inventory

Every week a domain is sold where someone says “I would have bought that name”. Only a small fraction of domain sales are published and even more are rarely advertised for sale. We have thousands of premium domains that never get distributed through public channels so avoid being one step behind – talk to us today.

And So Much More…

You probably have a real estate broker and/or a stock broker – Why not have a domain broker?

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