A premium domain name is one of the most important assets a company can have but very few people truly understand what makes a premium domain. At Domain Holdings we have a wealth of collective experience in the domain name industry with our management team responsible for well over $500 Million in industry sales. This alone makes a huge difference for our buyers and sellers since we understand market pricing, alternative suggestions and more. If you need an industry professional Domain Holdings should always be your first stop.

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What is a Premium Domain?

With over 145,000,000 domains registered you are bound to get many different answers about what a premium domain is. Even the list of weekly sales at DNJournal may have you scratching your head about the value of domains but at the core there are some very common traits of a premium name. The most important thing is matching your needs with these traits to come up with a winning list of names for you. Some recent examples of industry sales include:

— Mark Zuckerberg recently purchased Code.org and Internet.org for his global non-profit partnerships

—  GetClicky, the largest competitor to Google Analytics, recently upgraded to Clicky.com with the owner quoting “If you can afford the right domain name, do yourself a favor and buy it as soon as possible. We paid a pretty freaking penny for clicky.com, but the second it was in our possession was just pure unadulterated joy.”

—   “3ci – One of the world’s largest advertising companies finally acquired 3c.com previously operating under the very long domain name 3cinteractive.com

As you can see, shorter is better and the .com extension is certainly the most common asset but for non-profit’s the .org extension continues to be dominant. However, there are SO MANY other factors that also come  into play.

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Some Benefits of a Premium Domain?

How many times have you typed in (something).com expecting to find information on something? You really had no idea if a website was there but it only makes logical sense to type in carprices.com if you are looking for car prices right?

Don’t Be Embarrassed. We all do it.

In fact, 10’s of millions of people do it every day and the owners of these generic domains often receive 1000’s of highly targeted visitors called Direct Navigation Traffic. Now, imagine if you owned your category.com?

Some people ask why they should own it. If you have to ask then let’s put it in dollars and sense – you are probably buying the traffic every day anyway since Google often syndicates ads on domains. This means right away you have just saved money since you now OWN the traffic or just added additional traffic for a ONE TIME cost instead of essentially leasing it.

Easy to Remember

Which name do you think people will remember more – FreeDogs.com or FreeDogsOntheRight.com?

Hopefully you answered the question right and we are on the same page. The fact is many investors picked up the shortest domain names a long time ago so today it’s about finding the best domain name for your budget. Domain owners are pretty savvy people and understand value so don’t expect to pay $100 for a great name. However, we work hard every day to help negotiate fair prices and remove emotion from a sale so everyone walks away happy.

Lower Adwords Cost

We didn’t start Google (so sad) but we do understand online marketing. A shorter domain name can often lead to a much higher quality score along many advertising networks (such as Adwords) leading to a lower CPC. Remember, search is all about relevance and the more relevant a domain name is the better your score.

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Why Domain Holdings?

The amount of intimate industry experience we have here at Domain Holdings is far greater than almost all our competitors. Plus we are really cool people. Contact us today to learn more and help us help you acquire your dream domain.

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