John Ferber, Co-Founder

John is a true visionary and pioneer of the digital world, from creating the first-ever online interactive game to co-founding and building, the world’s largest and most successful third-party online advertising network known today as the cornerstone of AOL’s Platform.

John has been named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young LLP as well as a Washington Techway top executive under the age of 30 and one of IT Recruiter Magazine’s “Top Techies to Watch.” Under John’s direction as chief product officer,’s products and technologies set the trend for the industry, winning numerous awards such as ClickZ’s “Best Optimization Technology” (2002) and “Best Advertising Network” (2004).

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Chad Folkening, Co-Founder

Chad is the Founder of and Global Ventures, LLC a 
technology-based venture development, advisory and investment group established in 1996. 
With 15,000 premium Internet domains, 3 commercial historic buildings
 and a 26,000 sq. ft. HGTV featured “Extreme Home”, he continues to pursue 
new venture opportunities in the technology market and 
virtual/physical real estate space.

Chad has successfully built, sold and acquired websites that have led to development deals and partnerships with leading tech companies and Fortune 500 companies, including:,,,, and many others. Customers include Disney, IdeaLab, BSKYB, Google, Microsoft, DigitalRiver, BealBank, Zynga and many others.

The charities he continues to support include
 several animal and youth programs along with his own projects, 
including and

Chad lives in Miami and Indiana with his fiancé and sons and attended Ball State 
University for its renowned Entrepreneurship program, as well as Butler 


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Erik Simons, Co-Founder

Erik has been a serial Internet entrepreneur for 14 years and has founded multiple Internet ventures across the globe. Erik began his career by pioneering online affiliate marketing networks for the gaming industry, providing performance based advertising solutions which are still in use today.

After establishing software development companies in Eastern Europe and the Baltics, at the request of European Union government agencies, Mr. Simons served as an IT advisor during the accession of former Easern block countries to the EU. Mr. Simons established training programs for IT staff at nuclear power plants in Latvia and also helped shape several IT courses at the University of Riga. In the late nineties, Mr. Simons created software platforms to leverage the rapid growth and importance of search. Using his performance based solutions, Erik generated several hundred million dollars in revenues for advertisers such as Best Buy,, eBay, Travelocity, Walmart, Disney, Barnes and Noble, NBC, AT&T, Circuit City, DirecTV and many more. Through his development office in Seoul, Erik also created software which allowed South Koreans to navigate the web in their own native language.

With a keen interest in mobile commerce, Mr. Simons developed SMS parking solutions for municipalities in Scandinavia, and continued to develop interactive mobile systems, including reverse auctions. Most recently, Erik invented platforms for the optimization and distribution of web video for a company he co-founded with John Ferber, USO Networks. Mr. Simons and Mr. Ferber also collaborated in the creation of, an Internet based charity which directly connect donors with those in need.

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Jason Boshoff, COO

Jason is the COO of Domain Holdings Group, Inc. combining a proven, analytically driven approach with award-winning technology solutions; Domain Holdings is a world-class service provider for domain portfolio monetization and brokerage.Jason has over a decade of experience executive positions, participating in strategy, managing operations, sales and building teams focused on the development and marketing of direct-to-consumer products. During his tenure Jason has had the opportunity to service such notable clients as, AOL, Carnival Cruise lines, Baskin Robbins, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Pep Boys, Quinstreet, Brokers Web, Demand Media, among other major corporations.

In early 2007, Jason partnered with John Ferber as COO of their online marketing incubator companies. Over the last 5 years, the group has successfully launched multiple online companies utilizing technology solutions to generate tens of millions of dollars in advertising revenues.

Jason has a degree in business management, graduating in Durban, South Africa.

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