Domain Holdings Q2 Report 2014

Q2Domain Holdings is extremely proud to report our Q2 results showing almost $10,000,000 USD in sales. These results are not just a testimony of success for our team but further acknowledgment that our brand continues to earn trust around the world. During Q2 we celebrated a lot of success and also introduced many new features for both buyers and sellers. Some of the main highlights from Q2 were:

  • $9,935,618 in Total Q2 Sales
  • $764,278 Average Weekly Sales
  • 79.21% of ALL Sales End Users
  • 28% Increase in New Relationships
  • 22% Increase in Numeric Domain Sales
  • Over 12,000 + Phone Calls
  • Over 72,000 Targeted Emails

More End Users

We handled transactions for great brands like PolicyMic, Wickr, Mark Cuban Investments, Liberty Tax and many more with 79.21% of all sales to end users (compared to 76.25% in Q1)

Custom Portfolio Management

Started the rollout of custom portfolio management for large owners of premium domains offering custom landing pages, a dedicated broker, portfolio valuation services, portfolio auction management and more. While this is currently an invite only offering we are open to discussing the program with any premium portfolio owner who is interested in increasing overall sales. View some of our custom for sale landing pages by visiting, or

More Inventory

Signed several exclusive corporate deals to handle existing inventory from of some of the world’s most notable brands.

More Training

Invested thousands of dollars on further sales and negotiation training for our brokers and tools to help refine our outbound sales approach.

While we celebrate our success in this report we should also look beyond the numbers and note that the value of premium domain names are growing due to the combined efforts of the industry and greater public awareness. From the success of the new GTLD’s to the millions of new dollars being invested in promoting existing options there never has been a time with such extensive global marketing finally supporting the industry we love so much.

View the full Q2 report below or download the PDF version here.

The rest of 2014 promises to be an incredible year and I hope you enjoy the data we can share. We are extremely proud to be part of this industry and look forward to reporting even higher sales next quarter.


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Q2 Report 2014