Q1-2015 Report

Domain Holdings Q1 Report 2014

Q1 ReportWelcome to the first edition of quarterly sales reporting from Domain Holdings! The infographic below highlights collective data from our Q1 sales in 2014. Some of the most interesting takeaways this quarter were:

  • 76.25% of sales were to end users
  • Sales were almost 21% of what SEDO reported for Q4 2013 (their latest report)
  • Our team made over 10,000 phone calls and 60,000+ targeted emails.

In 2014 our biggest investment will continue to be in people and technology – if you know any good brokers we are hiring!

Any questions or comments please contact us – a PDF copy of this report is also available here.

Thank you again to everybody who has trusted us with their business and we look forward to even better quarters ahead.

2014 Q1 Report


7 replies
  1. Mike
    Mike says:

    Share of end-user sales is impressing. Would be interested to know what is % share of the number of sales and % share of the total $ amount of the transactions.

    This industry needs end-user brokerage firm very badly. I hope volume is going to grow. I wish DH closes more sales than SEDO.

  2. Leonard Britt
    Leonard Britt says:

    Impressive – curious as to what type of domain is considered eligible to be brokered (one-word .COM or certain keyword phrase search volume).

  3. james
    james says:

    Great report guys very insightful. U r the only brokerage I know who really makes an effort to sell names proactively . Everyone else seems to just be a for sale marketplace or spam house

  4. wassil
    wassil says:

    Very nice work from domain holdings brokers .i have some domains for sale and i’m wondering if domain holdings can help me find some end users to buy them .

  5. Leon
    Leon says:

    A lot of money being spent on domain names. I wonder with the new TLD’s if that will just bring it to a whole other level. Good report

  6. DNPric.es
    DNPric.es says:

    A quick math shows that each sale took 10 calls on average. Hence each call made the company about $350. Not a bad business model at all.

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