John Ferber
Chairman and Co-Founder
[email protected]

John is a true visionary and pioneer of the digital world, from creating the first-ever online interactive game to co-founding and building, the world’s largest and most successful third-party online advertising network known today as the cornerstone of AOL’s Platform A.

John has been named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young LLP as well as a Washington Techway top executive under the age of 30 and one of IT Recruiter Magazine’s “Top Techies to Watch.” Under John’s direction as chief product officer,’s products and technologies set the trend for the industry, winning numerous awards such as ClickZ’s “Best Optimization Technology” (2002) and “Best Advertising Network” (2004).

What I do at Domain Holdings?

I am a Co-Founder and serve as the Chairman of the Company

What’s your favorite thing about working for Domain Holdings?

Working with a great team of talented individuals

Prior Work Experience:

Co-Founder,,, MyMojo and other startups

My Education Includes

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Towson University in Baltimore Maryland

How do you explain what you do for a living to someone outside of our industry?

Domain Holdings has two business lines, our premium Domain Brokerage and our Internet Marketing Technology Platform for Advertisers and Publishers

My Family

I’m recently married, the youngest of three sons, the Uncle to 12 nieces and nephews

Who are the people who inspire you most?

My Wife, My Brothers, My Parents, Richard Branson, You

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Meeting my wife

What are 3 words that would best describe you?

Outgoing, spirited, infectious

What are 2 things about yourself that most of us here would be surprised to learn?

I have a photographic memory and I love Electronic Dance Music

What do your friends say about you?

I am generous to a fault

Any pet peeves?

Lines, waiting, slowness

If you could do something else for a living, regardless of prior experience or education, what would you do?

Own a resort, be a teacher, drive a school bus, work at a restaurant, write a book, so many things to do so little time

What are your hobbies, or what unrelated to Domain Holdings skills do you posses?

I’ve played guitar for 30 years, I love skinny skiing, bullfights, going to concerts, relaxing on the beach, interacting with friends

Where is your favorite(s) places to travel to and why?

Anyplace with a beach on it!

If you didn’t live here, where would you live and why?

California or Hawaii, I’ve always wanted to live out West and hope to one day

What 3 items would I find in your refrigerator right now?

Yogurt, SoyMilk, Healthy Foods

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

I believe I can fly!!

What’s your favorite movie?


If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would play the lead role as you?

Kevin Connelly

What’s your favorite TV show(s)?

Seinfeld, Two and a Half Men, Sharktank

What’s your favorite type of music or favorite performer?

Phish, EDM

What embarrassing skills sets do you posses?

I can chew my fingernails off faster than anyone

For $1MM (tax free), are you willing to listen to Justin Bieber singing Gangnam Style for 24 hrs?